Engaging Training Courses

  • Courses that Captivate

    At LIBRIX, we believe we have to earn your learner's attention. Learning doesn't really happen unless we grab your learner's attention and keep it throughout the training course. It's why, in addition to all the sound instructional design you would expect from a training and development company, we bring the creativity of an ad agency.

    Whether it's instructor-led, e-learning or m-learning, we employ a wide variety of engagement techniques to keep your learners focused on what you want them to learn.

    But we don't stop there. Effective, engaging training is only the first step in the journey to turn new knowledge and new skills into new behaviors.

  • Reminders that Reinforce

    LIBRIX combats the "Forgetting Curve" by supplementing training courses with learning reinforcements. These time-released follow-up activities help learners turn new knowledge into new behaviors through action planning and report-backs.