Leadership Development Programs

Most leadership development programs focus on teaching a myriad of leadership techniques. That's unfortunate because busy leaders need something more leveragable, something more foundational they can apply to all aspects of their job.

That's why we look beyond behaviorism to uncover the powerful drivers of leadership behavior. We focus on the core motivators that cause leaders to behave the way they do. Then give them the tools to self-assess and self-adjust as they continue to develop their leadership skills.

We then customize the content to your needs and wrap it in a delivery format where leaders come to expect the unexpected.

  • The Language & Tools of Leadership

    Fundamental to any meaningful behavior change is a model that explains 1) why we behave the way we do, and 2) how we can leverage that understanding to behave the way we desire.

    Our leadership model focuses on the cognitive motivators that drive a leader's behavior and provides a simple yet profound framework for 1) understanding the impact of the leader's behavior on others; and 2) a sustainable, iterative path to improving one's leadership skills.

  • Meaningful Experiences, Powerful Moments

    Leaders are busy. You don't want to waste their time. That's why we respect the time a leader invests in our development programs by clearly setting expectations of time and involvement and by providing meaningful experiences and dialogue that move busy leaders to insight more quickly than standard instructional approaches.

  • The Practice of Leadership

    Leaders are not made in a day. They are forged out of experience and character. That's why our programs are designed with follow up coaching and reinforcement options. Less expensive than executive coaching, our follow-up programs reinforce the key principles of the leadership model and help leaders work through the challenges as they apply those principles in their daily activities.


Talk to us today to learn more about our leadership model and the innovative approach we bring to leadership development.