Sales & Marketing Programs

When your brand and product sales are on the line, we design and deliver sales and product training, channel influence programs and customer experience improvement programs to your customer-facing employees or channel partners.

  • Sales & Product Training

    Selling skills and product knowledge - the foundational building blocks of a productive sales force. But how do you keep your sales force up-to-date on the lastest product innovations, competitive threats or selling techniques?

    At LIBRIX, we look at training as a conversation, not an event. Our sales & product training programs are an ongoing dialogue between you and your sales force, grabbing their attention and driving participation through calls to action, best practice sharing, action planning, leaderboards and reward & recognition. Our programs harness the power of your sales force by turning learners into collaborators.

    All you have to do is get the conversation started. Talk to us today and let us show you how our sales & product training programs produce better results.

  • Building Brand Champions

    Even in today's world of sophisticated traditional and social media marketing, the retail sales associate is still cited by consumers as the most influential factor in purchase decisions. To give you a competitive advantage, our channel influence programs are designed to turn ambivalent retail sales associates into brand champions!

    Our channel influence programs contain all the features of our sales & marketing programs, but are delivered to overcome the challenges inherent in the retail environment, where sales associates are not required to take your training and competition for mindshare is fierce.

    Our channel influence programs separate your voice from the competition. Talk to us today and let us show you how our channel influence programs produce better results in the retail channel.

  • Building Brand Loyalty

    The experience a customer receives most often dictates their level of brand loyalty. All of your store design, consumer advertising and retail processes go to waste, if your retail sales associates cannot deliver an excellent customer experience each and every time.

    That's why our customer experience improvement programs seek to win the hearts and minds of your customers - one retail sales associate at a time.

    Talk to us today and see how our I5 process helps you manage the daunting task of continuously training, monitoring and improving the customer experience at each of your retail locations.