Channel Solutions

Want to ensure your partners and customers keep your products and services top of mind? Let LIBRIX design a channel education solution with engaging content and a fun-to-use customized platform that integrates with your partner portal, CRM system and 3rd party incentive provider for a robust program that gives you a competitive advantage.

To get the most out of your channel relationships, your training program must inform, engage and excite. LIBRIX will collaborate with you to create the leading-edge content and custom technology platform that will help you outperform your competition:

Engaging Content

Employee Solutions

Rolling out new business processes? Need to achieve higher rates of compliance in critical areas? Let LIBRIX design engaging & interactive content that leverages recent research into neuroscience to ensure your associates learn, remember, and change their behavior.

You don’t train just to “check the box.” You need your employees to learn, remember and change their behavior so they can contribute to your company’s mission and goals. LIBRIX will build training – customized to your audience – that leverages the principles of neuroscience, so that you get results.

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Hospital & Healthcare Solutions

Healthcare is a unique industry with unique needs. We’ve developed customized leadership and compliance programs for some of the largest hospital networks, and we can help you too. Let LIBRIX apply our healthcare experience, custom content capabilities and leading edge custom technology to address your leadership development, succession planning and compliance opportunities.

Complex organizations require leaders capable of generating creative and effective solutions. LIBRIX designs customized leadership experiences and technology platforms to help you build the individual and organizational capacity required to meet the challenges of the present and future.

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